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ABB IRB 7600 - Robotics Research and Integration Inc.

ABB IRB 7600
A part of the Power Robot generation

A new world of possibilities opens up with ABB’s power robot family. It comes in several versions, up to 650 kg handling capacities. The IRB 7600 is ideal for weighty applications, regardless of industry. Characteristics such as high available torque and inertia capability, rigid design and powerful acceleration have earned this market leader its “Power Robot” title.

  • Reliable – High production up time
    A built-in Service Information System (SIS) monitors the motion and load of the machine and optimizes service requirements by itself.
  • Security - A safe investment
    A major concern with robots handling payloads of up to 650 kg will be to safeguard your personnel in the unlikely event of an accident, as well as to protect both the robot itself and your investment. We have therefore added a range of measures falling under the umbrella designator of Active Safety - and Passive Safety - system.
  • Fast – Short cycle times
    Thanks to ABB´s unique motion control, the robot optimizes the acceleration and retardation, which results in shortest cycle time possible.
  • Accurate – Consistent parts quality
    Best in class regarding path accuracy and position repeatability (RP = 0.08 – 0.09 mm)
  • Strong – Maximized utilization
    Payload comes in several versions between 150 - 500 kg (up to 650 kg with “wrist down”). Max reach between 2.55 – 3.5 mm.
  • Robust – Harsh production environment
    The foundry plus versions are IP 67 protected and can be washed with high pressure steam, which make them ideal for use in harsh environments. Also available in chip protection for pre-machine environments and clean room version (class 100).
  • Versatile – Flexible integration and production
    Upper arm extenders and different wrist modules with highest available inertia and torque (best in its class!) will allow optimized customization to each process. As the robot can bend fully backwards, the working range is greatly extended and the robot fits well into dense production lines.



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