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Fanuc P-155 Paint Robot Rebuild

As with any robot (ABB, Fanuc, or Motoman) that Robotics Research and Integration Inc. repairs or rebuilds, the highest level of detail and meticulous technical skills are utilized. All work meets with the original manufacturer’s codes and everything has a One Year Parts Warranty. All work performed is done following a step-by-step written manual procedure. This ensures that the work is done the same way every time consistently.












Electronic Dial Indicators - Robotics Research and Integration Inc.
Electronic Dial Indicators

When the robot arrives to our facility it is placed in our guarded test cell and tested for one hour with full payload utilizing each axis with full range of motion at various speeds. This is done to see if there are any abnormal sounds or any other deficiency.



Servo-Motors testing - Robotics Research and Integration Inc.
Servo-Motors are tested

Once the initial test is done the robot is taken over to our workstation where it is disassembled to the last nut and bolt. Here each aspect is documented in detail; taking notes, photos and recording serial numbers. Each piece (aluminum castings, hub, bearings, seals, air purge systems, pressure system, flow switch, meters and gears) is organized at the workstation, prepped for the rebuild. The servo motors are automatically tested and rebuilt.

Robotics Research checks bearings, torque, brake and coil. Once everything is cleared, it is cleaned and reinstalled.

Workstation - Robotics Research and Integration Inc.
Workstation - Servo-Motor testing and repair

With the robot completely rebuilt from the bottom up, it is tested for a minimum of 40 hours. Here the electronic dial indicators record repeatability. Everything is done to code at every step to ensure the robot works properly and reliably. If an error occurs, it is fixed and tested again from the beginning.

Universal Mounting Base - Robotics Research and Integration Inc.
Universal Mounting Base

Robotics Research and Integration Inc. is very proud to say that we have never had a mechanical failure or recall for any of the robots we’ve serviced.

Disassembly - Robotics Research and Integration Inc.
Disassembly and documentaion

Robotics Research and Integration’s full capabilities, skills, technologies used, etc.

  • Meticulous piece by piece disassembly and reassembly
  • Work done to OEM specs
  • 1 year Warranty, 100% guarantee
  • Testing robots for 40+ hours
  • Repair electronic board
  • Repair / rebuild servo-motor
Workstation - Robotics Research and Integration Inc.
Workstation - Disassembly and documentaion

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