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Robotic Services We Provide

Robot Refurbishing - view

Robotics Research and Integration Inc. offers a wide range of refurbished new & used industrial robots with integration and technical assistance services. We refurbish and repair robots to their original condition and manufacturer’s specifications including the addition of safety enhancements.

Our refurbished industrial robots carry one of the most comprehensive warranties extended to one year; we stand behind what we sell. Our expertise goes as far as 1980 when dealing with some of the first hydraulic robots. The expertise we gained through the years allow us to offer the most reliable refurbished machines, and because of the quality put into each unit that we provide, our warranty is the best on the market.

Tooling Design

We design and build EOAT and fixture for many different robot applications like Welding, Tending, Handling, and Palletizing. All tooling are provided with a concept drawing that is approved by the end-user before final details and manufacturing can be processed. Once manufactured, mounted on the robot wrist, it is tested for accuracy and reliability.

Engineering & Fabrication

We have our own fabrication shop and are equipped to design, manufacture, and assemble complete tooling and fixtures in-house. We are capable of providing quality design and manufactured parts to each project in a professional time basis that will meet with client requirements and expectations.

Controls Manufacturing

At Robotics Research & Integration Inc. projects are designed and built to your specifications while ensuring delivery of quality robotic products.

Robotics Research & Integration Inc. assures our customers of our ongoing commitment to quality and consistency in the services and products that we supply. Our operating procedures demand an enhanced level of communication and draw attention to every detail of the project. The Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario (ESA) inspects all our electrical installation and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approves our electrical control panels.

With a team of experienced engineers, programmers and manufacturing personnel, we are capable of meeting your control panel requirements from the design stage through to assembly and testing. Our shop is CSA approved and fully conversant in all aspects of manufacturing to meet the wide variety of international standards required by our customers. Robotics Research & Integration Inc. can also manufacture from an existing design and deliver panels to site ready for installation.

  • CSA Approved
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Experienced in all International Standards
  • Industrial Systems Integrator
  • Many Years Experience in Industrial Control Manufacturing
  • Fast Turn Around Time From Design to Manufacture
  • Meticulous Quality Control
  • Quality Design and Components


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